Election Live: Denmark has a new government

The Copenhagen Post will update the vote count as the evening progresses.

That’s it from us tonight. Check us out tomorrow for some election fall out news. Good night.


At 90 percent and it’s definitively over.

With 10 percent of the votes left to be counted the result looks like this:

Socialdemokraterne  – 26.4 percent
Dansk Folkeparti  – 21.2 percent
Venstre – 19.5 percent
Enhedslisten  – 7.8 percent
Liberal Alliance – 7.5 percent
Alternativet  – 4.7 percent
Radikale  – 4.6 percent
Socialistisk Folkeparti  – 4.2 percent
Konservative – 3.4 percent
Kristnedemokraterne – 0.8 percent

The red block has made a late resurgence and at 85 percent, blue bloc’s lead has dwindled to 90 – 85 mandates. But it’s too little too late for the reds who have been swept out of Christiansborg thanks to a stunning night by Dansk Folkeparti.



81 percent in now The Copenhagen Post are calling it. There’s a blue moon over Denmark!


It looks like Rasmussen is back at the helm four years after he was voted out government. And that’s despite Venstre going down 7.2 percent and losing 13 mandates compared to the 2011 election.


A number of DF’ers maintain that Lars Løkke Rasmussen will be the PM. Thulesen Dahl won’t be PM … for now.


It’s been a historic night for DF and it can call itself the nation’s biggest blue-bloc party for the first time in history.


75 percent done now and the blues can no longer be denied. Experts indicate that the election is unlikely to have any more major changes at this stage


DR are reporting that Lars Løkke Rasmussen will “likely” be Denmark’s next Prime Minister.


DF have taken a slight hit in the cities. They are now ‘only’ up 9.1 percent compared to 2011. Still an outstanding election for DF and the biggest surprise of election day.


Alternativet look to have done really well in the urban areas. They are at 4.2 percent and hold 8 mandates at the moment. Not bad for a party that started up just last year.


70 percent of the count in now and the reds need a miracle. Blues ahead 91 – 84 and look to be cruising.


The irony for Helle Thorning-Schmidt must be that it’s the first time in her time as head of Socialdemokraterne that the party improves at a election. Radikale and SF have really been a let down for the red bloc.


For the reds, Socialdemokraterne have 47 mandates while Enhedslisten have 14, Radikale 8, Alternativet 7 and SF 7.


It’s status quo at 60 percent. Blue still lead 92 – 83 mandates. DF is leading the way with 38, while Venstre have 35. LA have 13 and Konservative 6.



But the question everyone is asking is:

Will DF’s head Kristian Thulesen Dahl challenge Rasmussen as head of the government, should the blues win?



PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Venstre head Lars Løkke Rasmussen have both said they will step down if their party loses the election. So far it looks like Helle will be going.


50 percent of the votes are in! Blue bloc inch further ahead 92 mandates to 83.


DF has gone up a stunning 16 mandates compared to 2011 so far. But the cities could still swing it. In 2011 Copenhagen voted significantly red. Will the capital do so again?


45 percent of the votes have been counted and the reds are still at 84 mandates. Can they mount a comeback with the city votes tick in?


We’re at 36 percent now and the blues still lead 91 to 84 mandates.


Mandates at 25 percent:

Blue 92 – Red 83

The tight-rope election that was predicted by the polls has failed to materialise. Blue bloc are storming away with it.


It’s worth noting, however, that the votes from the major cities won’t arrive until later so that could have an interesting impact.


We’re closing in on 20 percent of the votes now and DF continue to roll. Up to 23.2 percent now.



For the reds, S has increased 1.5 percent and leads the nation with 26.3 percent and 47 mandates. Enhedslisten is up 0.7 percent, Alternativet is up 3.6 percent, but Radikale and SF are both down 5.6 percent.


For the blue bloc, DF has gone up by 10.5 percent compared to 2011 so far. Venstre has dropped 5.6 percent, Liberal Alliance is up 1.7 percent and Konservative is down 1.7 percent.


We’re at 10 percent now and blue bloc continues to extend its mandate lead. It’s now 95 to 80! (54.3 percent to 45.7 percent)



8.1 percent of the count is in and DF is continuing its mercurial evening, having garnered a stunning 22.1 percent of the votes, a 9.8 percent increase from 2011.

That’s better than Venstre, with 205 percent and just behind Socialdemokraterne’s 26.3 percent.


With 3.9 percent of the count in now, blue bloc are maintaining their 92 to 83 mandate lead.

Struggling for the red in particular are Socialistisk Folkeparti and Radikale, both who are having poor elections compared to 2011. Alternativet, however, are having a cracker of a night early on and have accumulated 8 mandates.


Aaaannnddd they’re off! Denmark’s election night has kicked off in earnest with the first votes ticking in.

It’s early days with just 1.5 percent of the votes counted, but it’s a success so far for the blue bloc, particularly right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti.

So far the blue bloc has a strong lead with 92 mandates to the red bloc’s 83.