Election news in briefs: Bosses rubbish DF business

In other news, opposition wants tougher stance on asylum crime, while the government makes elderly pledge

The heads of Denmark’s business sectors are unhappy with Dansk Folkeparti’s business politics and ability to generate jobs, according to a new survey among 575 top bosses. The survey showed that under 1 percent believe DF’s business policies are the best, ranking them last with Enhedslisten and Socialistisk Folkeparti.

Tougher on asylum crime
The opposition parties Venstre, DF and Liberal Alliance argue that asylum seekers should automatically have their applications cancelled should they commit any kind of crime. Fellow opposition party Konservative, however, remains sceptical.

Goverment in elderly vow
The government has pledged to help the well-being of Denmark’s elderly should they win the election on Thursday. The government has set aside 950 million kroner from 2016-2020 for four initiatives aimed at improving the daily lives of the elderly.

Last minute decisions
The election may be just hours away, but it is very likely that many voters have yet to make a decision on who to vote for. A new report about the last election in 2011 showed that 28 percent of voters made their decision in the last few days leading up to the election.

Canuck boosts Alternativet
The New party Alternativet has received a considerable financial boost to their election ambitions thanks to a sizeble donation. The Canadian-born philanthropist Ross Jackson has donated 2 million kroner to the party’s cause as it continues to rise in the polls.

DF: Punish Danish skippers
Foreigners who skip their Danish classes should immediately be stripped of their social benefit payments, according to right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti. Meanwhile, Venstre contends that it would be better to give the foreigners a financial bonus incentive after they complete their Danish courses.