Fake voting SMS spreading

Ministry warns voters not to respond to bogus text message

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior is warning voters that a a fake SMS is being sent in the ministry’s name.

“Vote via SMS,” reads the text in Danish. “Your municipality has been chosen as a test municipality.”

The ministry stated in no uncertain terms that the texts are bogus.

The SMS encourages the recipient to reply with the letter of the party they are voting for and the name of the candidate of their choice. The message ends with greeting from the minister Morten Østergaard.

No SMS voting
The ministry underscored that there are no ongoing SMS voting experiments.

“We have heard from a constituent that they received a text saying that they could vote via SMS,” Christine Boeskov, a ministry election consultant told TV2 News. “The text is very much false. It is not possible to vote via text message.”

Boeskov said that they were not sure how many had received the message, but decided to issue a warning anyway.

The ministry has not decided if it will take any further action.