Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate adrenaline junkie?

This summer Tivoli is challenging its guests to ride its fiercest rides non-stop, with a ten-year free membership up for grabs for the winner

Tivoli is this summer challenging adrenaline junkies to prove their worth by staying on four of its rides longer than other fear-seekers. The two winners of the four qualifiers will then meet in a eight-rider finale on a ride called Vertigo to find Tivoli’s champion.

“It is an endurance test,” the director of marketing, Thomas Erichsen, told Metroxpress.

“We want to challenge guests who like getting an adrenaline rush. They’re already competitive – after all, which of them doesn’t like to show off about riding Daemon ten times.’”

Extra challenges included
But ten rides won’t be nearly enough in this competition, as the rides will repeat for hours until only two guests are left.

As the competition thins, the remaining challengers will have to perform feats to stay in contention – like holding a packet of popcorn without spilling.

And then the two guests left on each ride will qualify for the grand finale, of which the winner will get free access to Tivoli for ten years.

Fighter pilots would excel!
Morten Zacho, a sports physiologist at Rigshospital, told Metroxpress that the marathon is not as easy as it sounds and that the participants may feel sore for days after the challenge.

“Those physically capable of being a fighter pilot will do best at this challenge,” he said.

“Tivoli’s competition reminds me a bit of the way you would train pilots and astronauts.”

Sign up for the challenge at facebook.com/tivoli