Dansk Folkeparti: the election’s biggest winner

The stage is set for complex negotiations, as Venstre’s leader attempts to get the blue bloc parties to agree

Thursday’s general election saw Dansk Folkeparti trump Venstre as the country’s main blue bloc party, with 21.1 percent of the votes.

However, despite its success, it will be Venstre’s chairman, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who is faced with the difficult task of forming a new government.

A job well done
Dansk Folkeparti’s chairman, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, took a moment to bask in the glory of the party’s success.

“I just want to be allowed to rejoice that DF has received so much support,” he said when he met with other party leaders last night following the general election.

But Dahl was particularly taciturn when asked by DR about the upcoming negotiations with Løkke in regards to the new government.

“I expect it will be a good chat,” he said.

Success must be converted to influence
It is no secret that DF and the other blue bloc parties are far from agreement on many different points.

Whereas DF wants a growth in the public sector of 0.8 percent per year, Venstre wants zero. DF wants to spend more money on a new unemployment insurance system, but Venstre does not wish to spend so much as a single extra penny.

Despite the disagreements, Thulsesen predicts that the successful election will give DF “a new strength in parliament”.

“We will use our success to make the most out of our policy. For it must certainly be converted to influence, and we have great ambitions to get through,” he said.