No summer weather til next week

Grey skies and rain predicted over a weekend on which Saturday will be the warmest day

We’re all looking for a bit of sun and warmth, and now that we’re in June, we damn well deserve it.

Unfortunately, this week will not be the week. The sun will only make guest appearances this weekend, with temperatures remaining well below the 20 degree mark.

“Denmark is on the wrong side of a cold front from the north, and therefore there is no prospect of summer weather,” Henning Gisselø, a duty meteorologist at DMI, told Metroxpress.

Friday will be marked by clouds and drizzle, which will clear during the afternoon with the odd promising peek of sunshine.

However, Gisselø warned: “It is not that much sunshine, and most parts of Denmark will be hit with scattered thunderstorms later on in the evening.”

Friday will also bring a light wind, with temperatures remaining in the range of 13 to 17 degrees.

“It’s certainly not the most exciting day. Most people will probably feel that the weather is a bit boring and restricting,” said Gisselø.

Sunny Saturday?
Saturday looks a little nicer, with slightly more sun than on Friday.

“The whole country will get to see a bit of sun, and it will be somewhat warmer – up to 20 degrees. But we will still be faced with the odd scattered shower,” he said.

Sunday will be dry in most places, with only a little rain in the east.

“On Sunday, you should not expect much sun. Probably less than on Saturday,” said Gisselø.

“The weekend will pass before we see any real summer weather. Friday next week should be above 20 degrees, but at the moment, Denmark is in a bit of cool zone.”