Late-June events: Pull your blades out!


Cph Blade Days
June 20-21, 13:00; Edel Sauntes Allé 3, Cph Ø;

Rollerblade Association Denmark summons you to two days of rollerblading. It’s perfect for Friday Night Skate rollers and anyone who likes being on their inliners.

Held in Fælledparken’s 4,500 sqm skate park, which has room for people of all levels, there will be competitions, shows and workshops.

The main event is a competition featuring some of the world’s best bladers.
In order to include everyone in the skating experience, it’s possible to borrow skates at the event.

The professionals will also be at hand to give tips.


Summer Dance
from June 22, Mon-Thu; Fælledparken, Cph Ø; free adm

The long summer nights lend themselves to various dance instructors teaching over 400 people to move to the music of a wide selection of genres, including disco, Bollywood and swing. It’s the ideal free workout.



Sankt Hans Aften
evening of June 23; Amager Strandpark, Amager Strandvej, Cph S

Celebrate Midsummer at the beach with traditional bonfires along the coastline. From political parties to societies, everyone’s out for a good time. Limited food and drink can be purchased on site.

(photo: istock)
(photo: istock)


Start of RF15
June 27, 16:00; Darupvej 19, Roskilde;

The build-up to the Roskilde Festival is always a week of parties and noise. The music isn’t live yet, but that won’t stop a pre-festival vibe enimating from the homemade speakers powered by car batteries.