No summer plans? Get stuck into Danish

Danish Language schools across the country are offering summer courses for beginners

VUF, short for VoksenUddannelsescenter Frederiksberg, is an educational centre for adults, located in Frederiksberg Municipality that every year offers free Danish courses at all levels to more than 1,500 students.

“Our international students come from 115 countries including the Philippines, India, China, Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy and Thailand,” Torben Nielsen, the education manager of the Danish language section, told the Weekly Post.
However, as Nielsen explained, VUF is not only for students who want to learn Danish.

“Our school is also for other adult students who would like to pass examinations at a high school level.”

School’s in for summer
From time to time, VUF arranges social events with eating, dancing and music as well as excursions to places of interest, such as the Parliament building, Christianborg.

During July, VUF offers summer courses mostly for beginners, while regular classes will resume again on August 10.

The courses are open to anyone over 18 years old who has a Danish social security (CPR) number.

If applicants do not have a CPR number, or are not entitled to get the classes for free for any other reason, they can sign up for a price of 6,000 kroner per course – with all teaching materials included.

Twice a year, VUF holds Danish citizenship exams (Statsborgerskabsprøven) for foreigners interested in becoming Danish citizens.

The exam has replaced the former naturalisation test and focuses more on contemporary Danish society and culture than on the nation’s history. It costs 728 kroner and the next exam will be held on Wednesday December 2.