Danish consumer goods and services most expensive in EU

Danes top the EU in a number of areas

The price levels for consumer goods and services in Denmark are the most expensive in the EU, according to the EU statistics keepers Eurostat.

According to the Eurostat report (here in English), Danish prices in 2014 were 38 percent higher than the EU average in 12 main consumer and service groups. Only non-EU nations Norway and Switzerland were more expensive overall.

“Amongst the EU Member States, Denmark is the most expensive for food and non-alcoholic beverages. The highest prices for clothing in the EU are reported in Sweden, while for footwear, Denmark is the most expensive country,” Eurostat found.

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Affordable Macedonia
Denmark was also the most expensive country in the EU when it came to electricity, gas and other fuel prices, as well as personal transportation equipment and restaurants and hotels.

Denmark also ranked near the top in terms of clothing, household appliances, consumer electronics and transport services.

Despite the results, Danes can rest assured that while alcoholic beverages and tobacco costs 21 percent more in Denmark than the EU average, the Norwegians have to fork out 139 percent more than the average EU citizen.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Macedonia had the lowest price levels for consumer goods and services in Europe (53 percent cheaper than the EU average). Bulgaria followed just behind with the lowest EU prices at 52 percent.