Lars Løkke looks set to call a minority government

Attempts to forming a majority coalition look doomed

The incoming prime minister, Venstre leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen, yesterday said he was giving up attempts to form a majority coalition government with the other three parties in the blue bloc, and that he would instead focus on attempts to rule with a minority government.

Rasmussen had begun negotiations on forming a new government on Saturday, after the blue bloc prevailed in last Thursday’s close election.

The talks included the three other blue bloc parties: Dansk Folkeparti (DF), Konservative and Liberal Alliance. However, while the parties are united under the blue bloc flag, they have major policy differences.

Off to see the queen … again
Rasmussen said he had tried – but failed – to come to a consensus with the other parties.

“I honestly tried, but realised it was not possible,” he told DR Nyhder.

Rasmussen is scheduled to meet with Queen Queen Margrethe II today to get her blessing to form a minority government.

“I will report this to the queen,” he said.

An uneasy alliance
The pundits predict that Venstre will either ask DF to take part in forming a new government, or that Venstre will form a government on its own, although Rasmussen would most likely like to avoid the latter scenario.

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Negotiations with DF continue to be tricky. Some of DF’s demands for taking part in a coalition government are increased restrictions on immigration, tightening EU border restrictions and a nearly 1 percent growth in public spending.

Venstre had campaigned on reducing public spending.