Thieves force closure of local Jutland Netto

Dansk Supermarked deems troubled location “unsustainable”

Years of shoplifting, vandalism and outright theft have caused operator Dansk Supermarked to conclude that it is no longer worth trying to keep its Netto store on Ryhavevej near Aarhus’s Bispehaven housing estate open any longer.

“There is too much loss, too much theft and vandalism,” Dansk Supermarked spokesperson Mads Hvitved Grand told Jyllands-Posten.

“It is just bad business for us to try to keep the store open, even though there is a good customer base in the area.”

A history of problems
Reports dating back several years show the location has been plagued by customers filling up their shopping carts and simply walking out without paying.

“There have been big problems for a long time,” said Grand.

“We have tried to address them in several ways, including having a guard at the location, but it has just become unsustainable.”

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Grand said that although some stores close at 20:00 rather than at 22:00 to cut down on theft, it has rarely happened that a location has been completely abandoned.