Municipalities spending less on the disabled

1.7 billion kroner more spent back in 2009

After decades of growth in expenses earmarked for the disabled community in Denmark, the municipalities have cut back funding over the past five years.

Figures from the local government organisation KL showed that the municipalities spent 1.7 billion kroner less last year than they did in 2009.

“In practice, this savings policy means they exclude disabled people from society,” Thorkild Olsen, the head of the disabled advocacy organisation Danske Handicaporganisationer, told DR Nyheder.

“They’re practically locking us away at the institutions again. The municipalities have handled the cuts really badly.”

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Fewer outings
According to disabled support organisations, the cuts have had serious consequences for disabled people such as those with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities.

They are in need of assistance if they want to leave their lodgings and the cuts have made it more difficult for them to go to the supermarket and take weekend trips or holidays.