Students expelled from boarding school for drinking

Pictures of booze party on social media results in students getting the boot

Some 14 students from Sportsefterskolen SINE in Løgumkloster, in southern Jutland have been expelled for drinking alcohol

A group of youngsters celebrating a girl’s birthday in a local playground were reported by a local resident who had been annoyed by the party.

“Someone has also been reckless enough to send snapchats and videos around,” school head Lars Thomsen told TV2.

Some of the photos showed girls drinking in a room at the school itself.

A parent who chose not to be identified said that they thought the school “overreacted” with just a few days left in the school year.

“It is very important to us that we have a set of rules that apply throughout the year and not just all year minus three days,” Thomsen said. “We need to let students coming to school in August know what the rules are.”

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Thomsen said that students are told from their first day in school that three things would lead to expulsion: theft, drugs and alcohol.

The expelled students have all completed their exams, but are forbidden to come to the school’s closing day this Friday and will not be allowed to attend future reunion days.

Rules are rules
Some of the students were picked up last night and the rest will be picked up today.

“It is really too bad,” said Thomsen. “We have several times in the recent past informed everyone in the school that they must comply with school rules, even at the end of the year.”

Less than six months ago,  25 boys from Vojens Gymnastik and Idrætsefterskole were expelled for smoking hash.