Can one half-Danish person’s family tree connect us all?

TV pilot about ancestry research will bring Kristian Pedersen to Copenhagen this summer

American citizen Kristian Pedersen has a mission. In his TV pilot ‘The Descendant’ he raises the question whether one person’s family would be able to connect us all in order to show the importance of ancestry and how far-reaching its origins can be.

Abandoned by his own father at the age of four, family and ancestry has a very personal meaning to Pedersen.

Related to most US presidents
Pedersen carried out research and found that his ancestry is spread all over the world, across continents and in lots of different countries. He has also established he is related to most American presidents – cause enough to encourage Pedersen to dedicate a whole TV show to its findings.

Pedersen hopes his show will send him across oceans to find his relatives around the globe. A research-related journey to Copenhagen awaits Pedersen this summer, since his father was a Danish immigrant.