New Danish dating app off to hot start

Move over Tinder, here comes Teazr

The next big match-maker app might just be emerging out of Denmark.

Designed and co-created by 20-year old entrepreneur Daniel Deloya, the new app Teazr, just released on App store, is a mash-up between Tinder and Snapchat and aims to make matching and setting the first date faster and more honest.

First, like with Tinder, users see a limited profile of the other person and decide whether it attracts them or not. Once matched, they send a selfie to one another, which will be visible on screen for seven seconds. After seeing the selfie, they need to decide whether they want to proceed and start messaging or cut it off at that stage.

And just a week in, Teazr is already off to a hot start with 4,000 users, nearly 4,000 matches and close to 15,000 messages sent.

“In short, we are the first dating app ever that makes it safe to match up with other people,” Deloya told the Copenhagen Post.
“In particular, we are hearing from people who say that for the first time using an app like this they actually feel safe. It’s also more fun and lively than similar apps.”

The selfie is supposed to serve as an icebreaker and solve the Tinder problem of making lot of matches that never lead to a conversation, since nobody dares to make the first move.

Another advantage of Teazr is that the sent selfie helps to approve the identity of the user and hence makes it safer.