Indecent exposure charges against school headmaster dropped

Case dropped due to a lack of ‘sexual intention’, says Funen police lawyer

Police have decide to drop the indecent exposure charges against the headmaster of Strandmølleskolen in Assens, following months of investigation.

The headmaster was reported for two counts of indecent exposure, including one where he dressed two boys down to their undies in front of the whole school at a morning gathering.

Not a violation of the law
Lars Old Pedersen, a lawyer representing Funen Police, believes that the claims made against the headmaster are not strong enough.

“I don’t think that the episode, including dressing down the two boys, is a violation of the indecent exposure law under the circumstances,” Pedersen wrote in a letter to the media.

The board of directors at Strandmølleskolen has sent out a press release following the decision not to prosecute, stating: “We are happy that there has been an impartial and thorough examination of the case, and that it hasn’t led to prosecution of our headmaster. We are now looking forward to some peace and quiet in our local community and at the school.”

Worried parents
However, parents of children at Strandmølleskolen are concerned about the lack of persecution.

Lise Thorsen, a concerned mother responsible for reporting the incident to police, isn’t satisfied with the decision to drop the case.

“The consequences of the prosecutions decision is uncontrollable. In my opinion their decision is a sign that anyone, anywhere can just pull the clothes of off kids whenever they want,” Thorsen told DR.

No sign of sexual intention
The police assert that their decision was made after speaking to several witnesses and watching a video of the incident.

Pedersen concluded that there have to be signs of sexual intention in a case of indecent exposure before it leads to prosecution. According to Pedersen, there is no reason to believe that the headmaster had any sexual intentions either before or during the episode with the two boys.

The headmaster is still employed at the private school, however following the incidents, the board of directors have come to the decision that he should not be allowed to teach any classes.