Week 12 of Flex with Becks: The final countdown and we’ll all miss her so

This is the last week before the big ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, and I’m not going to lie: I am a wee bit anxious to see the results in pictures!

In the meantime, I’m going to take this opportunity to sum up what this three month  fitness challenge has done for me!

No slacking off!
Now, nearing the end is no excuse for Kayser to slacken off with the workouts. 

Here’s been some final gearing up, and again I have been made to feel the burn – which I’m honestly loving by now though!

We absolutely killed leg day this week.

Training legs and glutes is my favourite and, as they are the biggest muscles in the body, training them is a great way to aid fat-loss in combination with a calorie-reduced diet.

Shake it, shake it, steak it

Speaking of diets, though, it is impossible for me to just live off Joylent shakes à la Kayser.

However, I have found it works great for me to substitute two meals a day with the shakes and have one normal dinner. 

That way I can make sure the calorie count  fits my personal allowance.

Vester venner forever

One thing I am incredibly happy about is that doing this challenge has introduced me to Copenhagen’s one and only Vesterbronx gym.

I have seen my fare share of gyms worldwide (at least 50 in at least 12 different countries), and this one is by far my favourite.

This is the place where you can do proper badass workouts and still have a really cosy and familiar atmosphere, and you end up knowing many of the great lads and lasses that make up the Vesterbronx ‘family’.