Danish and Polish defence sectors seeking synergy in Warsaw

Industry representatives meet in Poland for seminar promoting co-operation

Last week representatives from the Danish and Polish defence sectors met in Warsaw for a seminar promoting co-operation between the countries’ military supply industries. Some 14 Danish defence companies sought to strike up relations with PGZ, the biggest player in the Polish defence sector.

The seminar follows a two-year diplomatic initiative by Denmark to target PGZ, as well as the Polish defence ministry for collaboration.

Hoping for synergy
The ministry of foreign affairs highlights that the two countries have different strengths in the industry – the combination of which they hope will result in synergy. Polish military contractors are typically associated with heavy industrial products, whereas Danish companies in the industry are known for innovation and alternative solutions.

The majority of the Polish defence sector is state-owned and, following a program of modernisation, there is also a focus on exporting equipment to other countries.

The Danish military has been involved in the initiative by opening doors in Warsaw and showcasing Danish companies’ credentials by inviting Polish delegates to see products being used in the field.

A concrete project of co-operation between the Polish and Danish defence sectors is expected in the autumn.