Danish cheaters need convincing to have an affair

Ladies like flattery, while gents prefer a more ‘direct’ approach

“Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world!”

Ok, it’s not the most suave compliment in the world, but it just might be enough to convince a Dane to abandon their spousal loyalties for a while. Especially Danish women, according to a survey conducted by the adultery website Victoria Milan (VM).

The survey showed that 74.5 percent of female VM members were convinced to have an affair. Meanwhile, just 39.2 percent of men said that they were convinced, although to be fair, they were perhaps less likely to realise they were being convinced.

“A woman wants to feel appreciated and understood,” said Sigurd Vedal, the founder of VM.

“Therefore it’s important to give plenty of compliments and not be afraid to talk about feelings.”

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Flattery will get you … everywhere
The survey also showed that almost 80 percent of women said that flattery was the best way to convince them that it’s a good idea to cheat on their partners. Conversations about feelings (57.3) and presents (34.1) followed after.

It’s more difficult to get a woman to laugh her way into the bedroom however, with just 7 percent of women saying that they were convinced by humour. Sexual approaches even fared better at 9 percent.

Danish men, on the other hand, need less-elaborate convincing it seems. Some 62.2 percent said they were convinced by sexual approaches, compared to flattery (60.8), humour (22.1), conversations about feelings (12.5) and presents (7.9).

Regrets, he’s had a few
And how did they feel after the fact?

Of the women, 56.2 percent said that they were happy, 45.8 said that they had a bad conscience but just 22.7 percent regretted their decision. While 34 percent felt manipulated afterwards.

For the men, about 50 percent regretted the affair, despite just 23.4 percent having a bad conscience and almost 60 percent being willing to be ‘convinced’ again.