More than 100 drug arrests during the first 24 hours at Roskilde Festival

Police using new sniffer dog tactics to catch those in possession of narcotics

Police made 116 arrests for drug possession during the first 24 hours of activity at the Roskilde Festival, but the level of crime has otherwise been low so far, Ekstra Bladet reports.

Carsten Andersen, the communications officer at the Mid and West Zealand Police, explained that a new police tactic was in operation this year.

“This year we have started using a new tactic: namely personal detection dogs that work in a new way,” he said.

“They sniff around all over the festival and at Roskilde Station and detect people in possession of narcotic substances. We take them to an inspection area, find the drugs and book them for it. Then they get a fine.”

Foreign thieves
Andersen also warned there is a threat to law and order from foreign thieves.

“In fact, among certain foreigner groups, there is enormous interest in the festival this year,” he said.

“Our experience is they are exclusively at the Roskilde Festival to commit theft.”

According to the police, “three Romanians” were arrested on Sunday on suspicion they have stolen mobile phones and other electronic equipment off other festival-goers.