Bus passengers can look forward to better conditions

Copenhagen’s busiest bus routes will receive rain shelters with built-in digital traffic monitors

The City of Copenhagen has decided to install rain shelters with built-in digital traffic monitors at the city’s busiest bus stops in an attempt to improve passenger satisfaction.

“If we want more commuters to stop using their cars and take the bus instead, we need to offer passengers the same excellent waiting conditions as we do on the Metro and at train stations,” Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental affairs, told DR.

Monitors will be set up next summer
The new digital information screens, which will be installed next summer, will show how long passengers have to wait for the next bus.

There will also be screens at the main traffic junctions, which will provide information about nearby stations and bus stops for passengers to find alternative transport links in the city.

The City of Copenhagen is now in the process of examining how it will be possible to establish the new bus shelters. Further information on the installation has not yet been released.