Government reinstates housing job scheme

Popular tax rebate back and soon to be greener

As outlined in its plan for Denmark yesterday, the new Venstre-led government has agreed with its allies Dansk Folkeparti and Konservative and the two red-bloc parties Socialistisk Folkeparti and Alternativet to reinstate the housing job scheme ‘BoligJobordningen’.

BoligJobordningen allows owners, renters and share-owners (co-operative flat owners) of housing to obtain a tax rebate for services (cleaning and child minding) and renovation work carried out in their homes.

“I am very pleased to present a broad political agreement concerning the reinstatement of BoligJobordningen on my first day as tax minister,” Karsten Lauritzen said.

“We are instating the scheme in 2015 as we know it from before and retroactively, as we said during the election.”

“The scheme has been used by over half a million Danes every year. It helps busy families catch their breath during their day and helps people from various geographic areas and layers of society.”

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A greener edition
The scheme, which existed from 2013-2014 before being scrapped by the previous government, will last for three years and initially be the same as it was before it was axed last year. It will be retroactive from 1 January 2015.

But from 2016, the scheme will get a green profile in order to better support Denmark’s green transition, increased sustainability and climate efforts.

The grant will also be increased from 15,000 to 18,000 kroner – a maximum of 6,000 kroner for service work, however.