‘Bookseller from Brønshøj’ stripped of his Danish citizenship

Said Mansour also handed four years in prison and expelled from Denmark

Said Mansour, the now ex-Danish/Moroccan citizen who was earlier this year convicted on terror charges, has been stripped of his Danish citizenship following a decision by the Eastern High Court.

Also known as the ‘Bookseller from Brønshøj’ for his work in publishing terrorist texts, Mansour is the first person in history to be stripped of their Danish citizenship due to a crime.

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Back to Casablanca?
Mansour was also sentenced to four years in prison for promoting terror – the same charge that he was convicted of in 2007 and for which he spent three and a half years in prison.

Mansour faces expulsion to Morocco, from where he moved to Denmark back in 1983. He subsequently became a Danish citizen in 1988.