Pia Kjærsgaard to be named new speaker of Parliament

The queen of DF will become the first female speaker for over 60 years

The former head of Dansk Folkeparti, Pia Kjærsgaard, will be named the new speaker of Parliament on Friday after blue-bloc party Liberal Alliance (LA) agreed to support her candidacy, according to LA’s spokesperson on political issues, Simon Emil Ammitzbøll.

Ammitzbøll revealed that LA will in turn be handed another powerful position, the head of Parliament’s financial committee, which will likely be filled by LA head Anders Samuelsen.

Kjærsgaard already has the support of Venstre, while fellow blue-bloc party Konservative is expected to give its support later today.

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First woman since 1950
Kjærsgaard will take over from Mogens Løkketoft, who has served as speaker of Parliament since 2011, and she will become the first female speaker of the Danish Parliament in its current form.

In 1950, Ingeborg Hansen became the first female Parliament speaker in the world – and remains the most recent in Denmark – when she was elected as speaker for the Landstinget, as the Danish Parliament was called at that time.