Danske Bank changes co-operation with Indian IT department

Bank will have more of the employees under its direct supervision

Danske Bank is taking more control over its IT support centre in Bangalore, India.

The bank has already signed new contracts with the centre, which has been run in co-operation with ITC Infotech, India’s fastest growing technological company.

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Moving to brand new buildings
From August, however, Danske Bank will take more control over the IT centre and move its 800 employees to completely new offices.

“We are transferring the services from our partner to ourselves and moving the employees into new buildings that opened yesterday,” Peter Kjærgaard, a spokesperson for Danske Bank, told Ritzau.

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Taking more control for strategic reasons
Danske Bank has decided to move the IT department, which has been taking care of the bank’s software and digital services, closer for strategic reasons.

According to Kjærgaard, it is a new trend among large companies to put ‘outsourced’ employees under their own supervision.

Danske Bank has been co-operating with ITC Infotech for over eight years.