Former marketing boss accuses advertising firms of price-fixing

Companies accused of conspiring to split up the Danish market

Henrik Sørensen, the former Danish head of the international advertising conglomerate Clear Channel, has accused his former employer and its competitor JCDecaux – both of which sell advertising space, including at bus and train stations – of price-fixing in the Danish outdoor advertising market, Jyllands-Posten reports.

The competition and consumer authority Konkurrence og Forbrugerstyrelsen has launched an investigation of the two companies into whether they conspired to form a cartel to split up the market in Denmark.

Following the tip-off from Sørensen in April, Konkurrence og Forbrugerstyrelsen visited the companies’ offices in Denmark and Clear Channel’s office in Sweden, according to documentation from the authority and the Swedish court system, of which Jyllands-Posten is in possession.

Sørensen was fired from the top job at Clear Channel Danmark in 2012, ending a period of 12 years in the post. He has since founded Out of Home Media, which operates in the same market. He accuses Clear Channel and JCDecaux of conspiring to force his new company out of the market.