Danes prefer to study near home

An interesting education is the main priority, not wages and job opportunities

When young Danes in their 20s embark on their university careers, many prefer to do so nestled in the comfortable confines of home, according to a new survey by education search engine Studentum.

The survey showed that 39 percent of the Danes want to study near where they reside in Denmark, as do young students from Sweden and Finland.

The Norwegians, meanwhile, prioritise an active education environment over studying near home.

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Wages not that important
The survey also revealed that the vast majority of Danes (87 percent) chose an education that interests them, while in other nations more students see their education as an investment.

Over 33 percent of Norwegians choose an education that offers a good salary when they graduate, while just 23 percent of Danes see wages as an important determining factor. The Swedes prefer seeking an education with good job prospects.

A total of 6,796 students from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland took part in the survey (here in Danish).