Rockwool super beer cooler being tested at Roskilde Festival

Warm beers become ice cold in less than 2 minutes

We’ve all been there: walking around a festival with a warm beer in our hand, dreaming of some way to cool it down. Well at the ongoing Roskilde Festival, dreams have become a reality, at least for a few fortunate souls.

Christian Hindse Ringsted, a mechanical engineer student from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and a trainee at the Danish insulation giant Rockwool, has built a specially insulated beer cooler designed to quickly cool down warm beers in a matter of seconds.

“It’s mostly for fun, but it could be interesting if it eventually could cool beer for the entire festival,” Michael Emborg, a prototype co-ordinator with Rockwool who is Ringsted’s boss, told Ingeniøren newspaper.

“Out in the camping areas, the guests have tents stacked with warm beers. If they could pay 2 kroner to cool them down, it could be a solid business. I would pay 2 kroner extra for a cold beer any time.”

The Rockwool beer cooler is located in the Media Village at the festival and is only available to back-stage workers.

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33 to 9.5 in 110 seconds
The cooler can lower the temperature of a can of beer from 33 to 9.5 degrees C in just 110 seconds.

“The cans slide down along a 1 metre long groove while they are rolled in ice-cold water. After 1 minute 50 seconds, the lukewarm beers are ice-cold and ready for quenching one’s thirst,” Rockwool revealed on its website.

“The cooling plant is wrapped in Rockwool stone wool to ensure it doesn’t use unnecessary energy. Thanks to the thermal advantages of the stone wool, the least possible amount of power is used.”

With temperatures set to rise into the 30s over the next few days, the cooler could become the best thing ‘on stage’. Or at least for the back-stage workers.