Roskilde 2015: Foodies get your jam on!


While some are chilling in their camps, getting drunk or taking in a concert at one of the stages, others opt to cook.

Who thought you could cook at Roskilde? Well … yes, and it’s healthy, organic fresh food made with your own hands and creativity. For only 50kr you get a full meal to recover all those lost energies after so much dancing.

At FoodJam, 90-100 percent of the food is organic. First you pick your ingredients from a big table with the help of one of the culinary advisers. Opt for a salad, stir-fry, casserole, an omelette or more.

Sounds good? Don’t forget you can also get dessert: strawberries with Icelandic yogurt or whipped cream and a hint of mint that makes the difference.

There is one day left to try it, so stop by if there any empty spots, because it gets packed!

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