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Roskilde 2015: The summer of 15 … hasn’t quite got the same ring to it

Ryan Adams pleases romantics and die-hards at Orange Scene


Mr Ryan Adams, the alternative country singer, flew straight from North Carolina, to perform his best songs at a windy Roskilde on the Orange Stage.

He posted earlier on Instagram: “Gonna be a big one today. Windy as hell.” And indeed he was right.

Lyrics that blow speakers away
Here at Roskilde the sun was burning all day, but Denmark’s wind doesn’t disappoint and always manages to get in the way. They were lucky that only a few speakers fell down during the concert, but his faithful fans were too engrossed to give a damn.

Just like every Adams concert, there’s a broad mix. We had the adoring fans who know every lyric in every song by heart and shout things like: “Oh my god Ryan, I love you” (Or maybe his wife was actually standing right next to me).

And then you have those who question what they’re doing there, wondering when the hell he’s going to play ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’.


A soundtrack guy
Okay, wrong guy, but that doesn’t mean to say he doesn’t specialise in romantic movies. Remember Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom in Elizabethtown? Then you’ll know his catchy romantic song ‘Come pick me up’. And yes, he played ‘When the stars go blue’, the soundtrack for the series ‘One Tree Hill’.

‘Haley’s song’. Ring a bell? If you were a teenager in 2003, this was ‘the show’ to watch, so you probably know what I’m talking about.

That was pretty much the peak of the concert (yeah… the only one!). Nevertheless, he manage to conquer the stage with his ‘too tight’ jeans and Black Flag t-shirt, a tribute to the ’80s hardcore punk band. And of course the yellow sunglasses … because there was too much sun.

Relax man!
All in all, it was a pretty chilled concert, a pleasure to the ears that goes straight to your heart, with limited crowd agitation and nobody trying to force their way upfront.

Well … everyone but the guy who thought he was Messi, and you know you a ‘need a machine gun to stop him’.

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Viking in the veins
Not to forget that in the drums we had some Danish blood: Freddie Bokkenheuse (the crazy blond).

“I think he is one of you guys,” said Adams as the concert ended, which the audience responded to with a strong cheer, ready to leave for the queue to see Florence and the Machine.