Action group against Syria fighters established

Group will optimise the prosecution of people who travel to fight on behalf of IS

The government today revealed that it will set up a special action group charged with strengthening co-operation between the authorities in a bid to optimise the options to prosecute people who travel to Syria to fight on behalf of the jihadist organisation Islamic State (IS).

Denmark’s new justice minister, Søren Pind, revealed that the action group will consist of the state police Rigspolitiet, the state prosecutor Rigsadvokaten, the police intelligence agency PET and the police and prosecutor in Copenhagen.

“Punishable actions that take place during a conflict far from Denmark can be difficult to prove,” said Pind.

“But it is offensive and harmful to our efforts against violent extremism for people who join IS to not be held accountable for their actions.”

The Justice Ministry underlined that the government’s view is that people who have travelled to take part in the conflict in Syria and Iraq are a serious threat to Denmark’s security and will face legal consequences when they return home.