Getting quizzical at the Korean Kimchi Festival

We all know the Danes like to do it ‘Gangnam Style’, but from June 26-28 at Torvehallerne, they jumped at the chance to embrace all kinds of South Korean culture at the Kimchi Festival co-organised by the embassy Korea Klubben.

Held for the third year in a row, thousands enjoyed tastings of foods such as kimchi and bibimbap, taekwondo demonstrations and poongmulnori, traditional Korean percussion music, played by high-school students especially flown in.

The highlight was the ‘Quiz on Korea’ event in which 66 contestants competed for the grand prize (centre), a six-day visit to Korea and participation in a televised quiz of the same name, and IT equipment.

Astrid Buus-Nielsen, a student from the University Copenhagen, emerged triumphant (right) to receive her prize from the South Korean ambassador Young-sam Ma, who said he was pleased with the success, revealing that next year the festival will be bigger than ever, but this time part of Aarhus Festival in late August.