Roskilde 2015: Disclosure know how to make you move!


The crowd changed a little after Lamar hip-hopped off the stage to prepare themselves for an electronic set by the British brotherly duo Disclosure.

It was time for more colours, neon lights and quirky dancers. Because we all know electronic music makes you move in a different way – it’s about feeling the rhythm and going with the flow.

Disclosure didn’t disappoint and for us electronic lovers, we were delighted to move our feet like crazy and leave all that hip-hop behind.


A change of scene
The Lawrence Brothers are perhaps best known for the single ‘Latch’, which features Sam Smith and reached number 11 in the UK charts.

And there was no doubt that the promise of hearing his recorded vocals had drawn many to attend. ‘White Noise’ was another obviously popular track.

But perhaps Disclosure weren’t ideally suited to the Orange Stage. It was almost as if it was a different festival: an electronic meets house meets dance one, but not Roskilde.

In the ascendancy
Originally from Surrey, the DJ duo started experimenting at a really young age. With a musician already in the family – Dad is a retired rock guitarist – they were exposed to lots of different genres, which they incorporate into their music. The rest is pure creativity.

Their rise to the top was rapid.  One moment they were practising in the garage at their family home, next they had a record deal and a debut album, Settle (2013), which was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronic Music category.

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