Washington State Fair comes to Rydhave for early July 4 party

When US ambassador Rufus Gifford invites you to a garden party, it’s hard to say no

The who’s who of Copenhagen’s diplomats and celebrities gathered in the great yard of Gifford’s residence in Rydhave on June 25 to celebrate the 239th anniversary of the independence of the United States, albeit nine days early.

The theme of the evening was a traditional Washington state fair that included everything but a real rodeo.

Delicious BBQ, fun games, live music and a relaxed atmosphere provided an unforgettable evening enjoyed in wonderfully sunny weather.


Independence Day was not the only thing being celebrated. Gifford emphasised the great relations between Denmark and the US and how he wants to take it to a next level during the coming year


Gifford and his partner Dr Stephen DeVincent were great hosts and enjoyed having “1,800 of their closest friends” over for a nice celebration


The Tivoli Boys Guard performed the Star Wars soundtrack in honour of Gifford’s favourite movie of all time


The traditional ‘ceremony of colours’ was an experience for all non-Americans among the guests