Flex with Becks Week 13: Don’t stop me now ’cause I’m having a good time

This is it: the final week of my three-month fitness challenge with KayserFitness.
It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience and I have every intention of continuing this fitness journey I have embarked on.


‘Back’ to my former glory
With my injuries, structural imbalances and exercise-induced asthma, I am probably one of the most difficult clients Kayser has ever worked with.

However it’s as if my limitations only motivated him even more to help me get back into shape.

I had always struggled to achieve this on my own, as trying to go too hard too fast always led to re-injury.

Over the past three months, Kayser has focused intensely on rebuilding muscle and strength in my back.
As a result I have increased muscle mass, better posture and have noticed a substantial decrease in back pain!


Fitness for business
Another exciting development has been that Kayser and I have decided to continue collaborating together.

Our aim will be to focus our attention on providing optimal solutions to improve fitness and health at people’s workplaces with monthly publications in addition to Kayser’s team building bootcamps.


The finale
For the final training session, a fellow personal trainer Philip Munk, also based at Vesterbronx gym, joined in the fun and devised an ‘extra special’ workout for me.

If dying is your thing, then this workout will be right up your alley! Munk has been a trainer for over five years and really knows his stuff.

The workout is athlete level and is fantastic sprint training. It sent my heart rate soaring, and having Munk and Kayser there to keep me going was more than helpful in not backing down.

Munk also included some breathing exercises that helped with my exercise-induced asthma, and I’ll be sure to include them in future training.

I’ll be back
Obviously I have no intention of stopping now. With my body’s strengthened and improved structural stability, I will be able to resume training the amount I used to as an athlete.

I am incredibly excited to keep going with the goal of achieving my best physical shape yet!



Becks before…
… and after