“I took magic mushrooms,” confesses former Copenhagen Post editor

The result is the novel ‘The Path to Odin’s Lake’ by Jason Heppenstall

Does this face look familiar?

Because we can’t keep you in suspense any longer – it is none other than Jason Hepenstall, the managing editor of the Copenhagen Post from 2009 to 2010 and the main driving force behind our successful daily newspaper during Cop15, and he has just realeased a novel.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved many aspects of life in Denmark, but on a deeper level something disturbed me. Was it really the happiest country in the world?” he recalls.

“I returned last summer for a valedictory tour to find out. Setting off from Radhuspladsen, I walked to Soderasen National Park in Sweden. I wanted to escape the modern technological-industrial culture to which we have become attuned, and see if nature had any messages. I got thrown out of Field’s. I ate psychedelic mushrooms. All in all, it was quite a trip.” ‘The Path to Odin’s Lake’ is available on Amazon.


Fromer editor Hepenstall just released his own novel
Former editor Jason Hepenstall has just released his own novel