Roskilde 2015: Breaking boundaries and we like it


Roskilde was burning hot, but this didn’t prevent a sizeable crowd gathering to watch an impressive, surprising performance by four beautiful Danish women on the Gloria Stage, the only indoor stage at the festival.

We Like We are an experimental band from Copenhagen made up of Katrine Grarup Elbo, Josefine Opsahl, Sara Nigard Rosendal and Katinka Fogh Vindelev. They released their debut album, ‘A new age of sensibility’, last December – an emotional record filled with tunes that conjure up feelings of ache and affliction.

Experimental music

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The concert starts with ‘the voice’ (Fogh), a slowly rising crescendo of sound to the point you almost hear her shouting.

Initially you might think: “What is this shit?” But slowly you begin to get into the mood. It helps that Fogh has a great voice, which she underlines in the song ‘Wakey, Wakey beast’. She incorporates an echo system, and the synchronicity is impeccable. This shit suddenly got goood!

In spite of  some technical problems at the very beginning,  the girls were able to improvise well, mainly thanks to Opsahl on the cello. Her passion is distracting; she clearly feels it. And it’s infectious – it isn’t long before you’re asking yourself why you never learned to play an instrument like that.

Dreaming at Gloria

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The setting suited them perfectly – it was like the whole venue had been submerged in a trance. The light, the smoke and the visuals (all thoroughly thought out) help to create a mystery and the sensation of a discovery.

It’s incredible. Totally worth of a movie soundtrack. Kind of ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ meets ‘Braveheart’ at some points.

It was worth every drop of sweat from the audience and musicians (which didn’t seem to ruin their gorgeous outfits). The crowd regularly cheered with excitement – they were definitely not disappointed.

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Breaking boundaries
The concert peaked with ‘Separation’, a track that showcased all their talents.

Rosendal excelled on percussion all night. In one track she even used an ocean harp to create whales sounds. It was absolutely magical.

Likewise Grarup on the violin. Her work on ‘The sound of my own voice’ was outstanding.

Bands that break the limits of convention deserve applause, and it came loudly following their set.

They are courageous, creative and as trained musicians clearly know their business. This kind of passion will take them far. Check them out at