Denmark slips to fourth in new happiness index

Christian Wenande
July 6th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

The increase in financial disparity in Denmark has left its mark

An increase in financial disparity in Denmark means the Danes have slipped to fourth in the latest Happiness Equality Index – Europe 2015.

Published by Danish-based independent think-tank Happiness Research Institute, the index ranked Finland top of the list, followed by the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France and Germany rounded up the top 10.

“It is also striking that Denmark and Switzerland, the only two countries which have ranked 1st in the World Happiness Report (and thus enjoy high national averages), have seen an increase in the inequality of how happiness is distributed,” the index report (here in English) found.

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The index showed there was a connection between financial equality and a high level of happiness.

While the Scandinavia nations in particular enjoyed high levels of happiness, nations such as Bulgaria and Albania were at the bottom end of the list in terms of financial equality and happiness.

The index also revealed that high levels of happiness have little influence on lifespan. Finnish men have the second-lowest life expectancy in Europe at 77.5 years, while Danish men are just six months older.


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