Driver instructors and students arrested in police raid

Christian Wenande
July 6th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

At least 18 arrested for reportedly cheating on their driving licence tests

In a massive series of raids across Zealand, the police today arrested at least 18 driver instructors and students.

Tommy Keil, the deputy police commissioner from the City Police, wouldn’t reveal much about the raid, but according to TV2 News, the raids concern cheating on driving licence tests.

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Interpreter was too helpful
Earlier this year, a 43-year-old interpreter was handed a 20-day suspended sentence for helping at least two Turks pass the theoretical part of the driving licence test.

According to the judge, the man was providing the correct answers in the theory part of the test in Slagelse instead of just interpreting.

The police became aware of the crime after a sharp increase of Turks from around Denmark going to Slagelse to take the theory part of the test.


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