Maersk sells offshore support company

Esvagt sold to international infrastructure investors

The Danish oil and shipping giant Maersk has sold its offshore support company Esvagt to the two international infrastructure investors 3i and AMP Capital.

The deal is estimated to be worth 4.1 billion kroner.

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34 years in business
“Esvagt is a sound, well-run company with exceptional operational excellence, and we have assessed how we best serve Esvagt’s long-term interest, as they are not part of the Maersk Group’s core business,” said Maersk Group CFO and Esvagt chairman, Trond Westlie.

“The sale to 3i Infrastructure plc and AMP Capital has proven to be the best way of ensuring that Esvagt can continue its development based on a strong culture and heritage, while at the same time creating value for the shareholders.”

Esvagt employs over 800 people and operates a fleet of 43 emergency and guard ships that primarily ensure safety around oil and gas rigs in the North Sea and the Barents Sea.

The Esbjerg-based company was founded in 1981.