Summerhouse prices at their highest for four years

61 percent of summer houses listed in 2015 have been sold

New figures from the real estate portal have revealed that the price of an average summerhouse is at its highest since August 2011.

The figures showed that summerhouse prices in June were 1 percent higher than the month before and 4.1 percent higher than June 2014. Currently, the average summerhouse price is 14,252 kroner per square metre.

“The price of a summerhouse has risen a lot over the past year, but we don’t need to go further back than the first half of 2011 to see an average price just shy of 15,000 kroner per square metre,” said Birgit Daetz, the head of communications at

“So we’re not talking about a historically high price level yet, but they are on their way back after dipping from 2012-2014.”

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More being sold
The figures also showed that 61 percent of the summerhouses that were put up for sale during the first half of 2015 have been sold. During the same time last year, that figure was at 52 percent.