If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to eat cheesecake while you’re there


They say the best places are the ones you hear about by word of mouth. Someone I know recommended Slice of San Francisco and I kept postponing my way there. But after spending a beautiful evening at the cafe, I fell in love completely and it has become one of my locals.


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Mouthfuls of Mexican magic
The owner Miriam Nielsen was born in San Francisco, but her mother is Mexican. She married a Dane and came to live to Copenhagen. She worked in the food business for many years, but two years ago she decided to open her own business. “I’ve been waiting for this place for 25 years,” she reveals.

Her heritage alone is enough to satisfy fans of Mexican and American food. “If I don’t know what it is, I don’t cook it”, she explains, assuring us that she never uses pre-made mixes.

We tried the luxury burrito with beef and beans, which are carefully prepared and spiced up for flavour. It’s fit for a king! And the chicken quesadilla with melted cheese and fresh avocados left us speechless.

Is your mouth already watering? Wait, because you must also try the American hot-dog with mustard sauce, chili and chopped onions or the tuna sandwich with more melted cheese. Who doesn’t adore cheese?

The whole menu is available for takeaway: whether you want to take a walk by the Lakes nearby, just bring it back to your hotel room, or just sit and relax by the cushions inside.



A slice of heaven
Everyone likes New York Cheesecake, but at Slice of San Francisco, you’ll discover a worthy rival with a secret recipe (she won’t reveal it) that Nielsen has come up with. It has her own touch, and I promise you, it is definitely different from all the cheesecakes I have had in my life.

To go with it you can choose from four different sauces: the traditional raspberry (not too sweet, not too sour, and just perfect); blueberry with rose, cherry with cinnamon (my friend’s favourite because it reminds her of Christmas in Germany) and the last one, but my personal favourite: apple cinnamon with chilli.

My first reaction was what a weird combination. I was reluctant to taste it, but when I did, my palate remembered my own grandma’s apple puree and it was a great feeling. And I must admit, I finished it all and wanted more.

To drink you can choose from freshly-made coffee, organic tea (try the ginger one), or beer straight from San Francisco.

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Cooking with intuition
“I never use a recipe, I go for intuition. I feel it,” says Nielsen. Hearing her reminds me of my mother who always knows how to improvise, even if she is lacking ingredients, to create a delicious dish.

So I encourage you to stop by the cafe and be warmth by her lovely personality and hospitality, while you enjoy food like it’s made at home.

“I pretend every plate is for me and it’s all about the experience I can give to the customers,” Nielsen promises.

And let me end this review with four simple words: the best cheesecake ever!