July Art: If creepiness makes you chuckle


PSYCHOSOMATIC – Does it hurt when you laugh?

Den Frie; Oslo Plads 1, Cph Ø; 60kr; denfrie.dk

Aarhus artist Peter Land presents his first comprehensive presentation of his works since 2005 at Den Frie this summer.
His works offer an insight into his life and personality. Using self-irony he manages to meet the audience at an eye level.
The works are mostly sculptures made from fibreglass, real hair and glass eyes, making them look life-like, but at the same time decidedly creepy. (LK)


(photo: Kere Architecture)
(photo: Kere Architecture)

ongoing, ends Oct 24; Louisiana, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; louisiana.dk

Following ‘New Nordic’ and ‘Arab Contemporary’, this architecture exhibition shows you how buildings are influenced by and make their mark on culture, traditions and society. (MD)

Check out a preview here.

Art in Sunshine

(photo: Thilo Frank, Few Phoenix get lost in the water, 2015)
(photo: Thilo Frank, Few Phoenix get lost in the water, 2015)

ongoing, ends Sep 13; Arken Museum, Skovvej, Ishøj; 95kr; arken.dk

Visit a beautiful ‘island of art’ where ten artists have created ten exhibits that everyone is invited to climb, touch, feel and smell and become an active part of. (LK)

What’s Happening

(photo: John Davidson)
(photo: John Davidson)

ongoing, ends Aug 2; Danish National Gallery; Sølvgade 48-50, Cph K; 110kr; smk.dk

Spend a day experiencing Denmark’s first ever presentation of experimental art on sexual liberation, the new women’s movement, and radical trends among youths. (LK)