Out and About: Jam-packed with food aficionados

A record 4,243 patrons visited FoodJam this year

While some chilled in their camps, or had some beers while taking in a concert at one of the stages, others opted to cook at FoodJam. Who thought you could cook at Roskilde? Well … yes, and it’s healthy, organic (90 percent) fresh food made with your own hands and creativity. For only 50kr you got a full meal to recover all those lost energies after so much dancing.

The ingredients were picked from a big table with the help of one of the culinary advisers. Choosing from fish or mussels (meat is not allowed!), or using vegetables to fry in the wok or make a salad. Some ingenious chefs chose to mix everything and make a tortilla.

Sounds good? Don’t forget dessert was also included: berries with Icelandic yogurt or whipped cream and a hint of mint that makes the difference. This year FoodJam experienced the highest number of foodjammers: 4,243, which is 1,000 more than last year. It was a huge success! And after all that food, some just needed a long lie down.