Cost of sustainable sources most important to Danes

Stagnating solar panel sales a perfect example

To the vast majority of Danes, when it comes to embracing sustainable energy sources the most important factor is financial viability, according to a new survey.

The survey, compiled by YouGov for Spar Nord bank, showed that four out of every five Danes are considering investing into green energy sources because it will benefit them financially. The Danes who said they were not looking to invest in green energy said that the price was the main reason for not doing so.

“The survey confirms that the environmental and financial incentives need to go hand in hand if we are to seriously spark interest in sustainable energy investment,” said Benny Hebsgaard, an energy advisor with the energy company NRGi.

“And fortunately, in the long term thinking green is a good investment in the long term, generally speaking.”

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Solar panel stagnation
An example of this has been the increased sale of green mini cars in Denmark in recent years after the government changes the taxation of climate-friendly cars in order to make them more financially attractive.

Meanwhile, the boom in solar panels in the private sector has all but vanished in Denmark after government legislations in late 2012 made having solar panels less financially attractive.

The result of the this was that the Danish consumption of solar panels in the private sector went from 70,000 purchased in 2012 to just a few hundred so far in 2015.

“The example with the solar panels illustrates that financial incentives are essential to the Danish desire and will to take an alternative path in the name of the climate,” said Hebsgaard.

The survey also revealed that 65 percent of the Danes said that the helping the environment also played a part in their decision to invest in green energy.