Biggest drop in petrol prices in over two years

Savvy drivers will wait until Wednesday morning to gas up

With the price of unleaded falling by 28 øre per litre and diesel by 17 øre per litre, today sees the biggest drop in petrol prices since February 2013.

According to the car owner organisation FDM, the listed price of unleaded fell from 12.70 kroner to 12.42 kroner, although the actual price is generally 90 øre lower than the listed price.

“Most motorists are used to the petrol prices rising and falling,” said Allan Skytte Christensen, a consumer economist with FDM. “Generally, we can say that if petrol prices fall by one kroner, then the average car owner saves 100 kroner per month.”

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Wednesday before 10 am
If you want to fill up the tank when the petrol is at its lowest price, it’s a good idea to wait until Wednesday morning before 10 am.

That’s because the petrol prices are set at 10 am on Tuesday and will continue to fall until 10 am the following morning. Getting petrol in areas with many petrol stations is also a good idea as their competition against one another pushes the price down even further.

Christensen predicts that the price of petrol will fall to under 11 kroner per litre on Wednesday morning and that the prices could continue to dwindle.

“When you look at the oil prices, one can argue that it might not be the last price drop we see this time around. There is definitely a basis for a further petrol price fall,” Christensen said.