Traffic authority green lights drones over Danish cities

The surveyor firm LE34 has already sent up drones above cities across the country

The surveyor firm LE34 has become the first commercial company to be granted the right to fly drones over Denmark’s cities by the traffic authority Trafikstyrelsen.

LE34, which intends to use drones to photograph housing areas from above – but at a lower elevation than is possible using aircraft – has been given the green light to use the fixed-wing drone from Scanwing.

The drone, weighing about 1.5 kilos, is built using the foam material Expanded PolyOlefin (EPO), which means that the risk involved when the drone crashes is greatly reduced.

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Already airborne 
The drone is also programmed to be able to soar away from housing areas should it lose contact with the drone pilot or should it suffer a motor failure. Furthermore, LE34 must still adhere to the Danish law that bans drones from flying outside the pilot’s field of view.

Therefore, Trafikstyrelsen has evaluated that this drone type is very safe even though there is always a risk of crashing.

The drones were granted the right fly above the Danish cities a couple of weeks ago and have already been in the air above housing areas in Funen, Zealand and Jutland.