Copenhagen ranks low on beer price index

Christian Wenande
July 15th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

On average, a beer costs almost 30 kroner in the Danish capital

The Danish capital certainly isn’t the city you want to visit if you are looking for cheap beer prices, according to the 2015 Beer Price Index published by the travel search engine GoEuro.

Copenhagen ranked 58th out of 75 listed cities worldwide and third in the Nordic region behind Reykjavik (39) and Stockholm (48). The index revealed that, on average, a beer in Copenhagen costs 10.17 kroner in the supermarket and 47.34 kroner in a bar, averaging out at 28.70 kroner.

The index (here in English) also showed that the average Dane drinks 80 litres of beer per year and spends 6,915.92 kroner doing so.

Krakow and Kiev topped the index with an average beer price of just 11.33 kroner, followed by Bratislava, Malaga and Dehli. Ho Chi Minh City, Mexico City, Belgrade, Asunción and Bangkok rounded out the top 10.

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Pricey Swiss brewskis
At the other end of the spectrum it was Geneva which offered the most expensive beer price average at 43.21 kroner, followed by Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Oslo and New York.

“2015 beer prices have changed from 2014 due to currency appreciations and devaluation. For example, as a result of a dramatic change in the Swiss franc exchange rate, Zurich and Geneva are now both among the 15 most expensive cities for beer, surpassing last year’s most expensive city, Olso,” GoEuro wrote.

“Similarly, US cities have become relatively more expensive since the US dollar appreciated against the euro.”

Other notable cities in the index included Helsinki (68), London (63), Sydney (62), Paris (59), Moscow (56), Beijing (53), Los Angeles (38), Rio de Janeiro (34), Amsterdam (31), Berlin (23) and Cape Town (12).


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