Elephants amok

Annual elephant bath in a small Danish town turns ugly

The annual elephant bath in the small Danish town of Karrebæksminde near Næstved was the scene of angry elephants and panicked spectators over the weekend.

Three elephants, Lara, Jenny and Jungla, were taken to the sea to cool down as part of an annual tradition. On their way back to the circus, one of the pachyderms became restless. When a trainer beat the elephant in an effort to keep it in line, all three elephants became agitated, escaped their handlers and charged through the town.

Cars were damaged and one woman was reported to have a head injury after being knocked to the ground. One of the elephants used its trunk to knock a car completely out oh its path.

“No problem”
Cirkus Arena has denied all responsibility for the incident.

“I am sorry if people were frightened, but the should have kept their distance,” Benny Berdino said.

A record number of spectators had turned out to see the elephants take their bath.

“I have no problem with what happened, I actually think it’s kind of funny,” Berdino told Sjællandske newspaper.

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Berdino did add that the circus will ask Næstved police for assistance during next year’s bathing.