Tracking wolf pups in Jutland

July 16th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Paw prints point to existence of young wolves

Cute, but everyone is not a fan (Photo: Spacebirdy)

Two sets of paw prints – one large and one small – side by side indicate to some wolf enthusiasts that wolves in northern Jutland have mated and are producing young.

Paw Rasmussen from ulvetracking.dk said that he has seen clear prints of a larger animal walking next to a small one.

“It is certainly a wolf-like track, and it fits well with the season and the paw size that the puppies would have now,” Rasmussen told DR Nyheder. Rasmussen’s group has been watching the area for wolves since 2013. “There have also been sightings of the wolves running together and a male and female have been observed together,” he said.

Not Fido
These observations along with the paw print photos lead ulvetracking.dk to say that there is a “high probability” that there are wolf pups.

Rasmussen said that a wolves paw print is distinct different than that of a dog. Where the edges of a dog’s foot print are more rounded, a wolf print has a more triangular shape.

Rasmussen said that the prints were discovered in what he called a “desolate area” where dogs are also walked, but that no human or bike tracks were seen near the wolf prints.

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Ulvetracking.dk has chosen not to disclose the exactly location of the prints to keep the area from being over crowded.


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